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The tradition of printing in Ptuj goes back for more than 200 years. The first printing house in Ptuj was established by Franz Anton Schütz, who is believed to have been the founder of as many as three printing companies in Štajerska: in Celje, in Maribor and in Ptuj.
  • Ptujska tiskarna was established on 8th December 1955, when preliminary running was started in the old premises of Blankejeva tiskarna in Slovenski trg in Ptuj
  • In 1958 the company moved to its new business premises in Jadranska ulica, expanded its business and modernized its mechanical equipment.
  • The year 1962 saw a short term merger of the newspaper company Tednik Ptuj and Ptujska tiskarna
  • In 1977 Ptujska tiskarna merged with Perutnina Ptuj
  • In 1981 the company moved to the new office building in Zagrebška cesta
  • In 1990 Ptujska tiskarna began to operate as a part of the parent company Perutnina Ptuj
  • In 2000 the graphic company INO gained the majority share of Ptujska tiskarna, which represented a landmark in the expansion of its manufacturing programme and in increasing the amount of business

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